Self-guided Tours

Visitor Guides and self-guided tour brochures are available at the Visitor Center.

Visitor Guide

The extensive Visitor Guide contains a map of all the plant displays and other features located in the 100 acres within the deer-exclosure fence. It also features a larger map of the entire 650 acres with the 7 hiking trails indicated. The trails feature traditional painted blazes to guide hikers.

Painter Legacy Tour

Use the map to discover both historic buildings and heritage plants dating from the early to mid 1800s. The accompanying text provides information about how the buildings were used, as well as describing the trees and shrubs planted by Minshall and Jacob Painter.

Tyler Map Master - old version

Meadow Maze

The Stopford Family Meadow Maze contains 10 stops including a quiet nook for sitting and listening, a brush pile to crawl through, a raptor roost platform overlooking the meadow, and a stone basking circle providing hiding places for small animals and insects.


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