Commercial Photo Information

  • A contract must be signed before photo shoots or any commercial filming begins.
  • A “Green Room” space may be available for rental.
  • Driving or parking beyond the Parking Lot is prohibited.
  • Climbing into trees and sitting on tree branches is prohibited.
  • Laying tracks on the ground for filming is not permitted.
  • Public areas cannot be closed for photo shoots/filming.  Crews are required to work around Arboretum members and visitors.
  • Photo shoots and filming may not cause damage to Arboretum plants, trees, or grounds.
  • Tyler Arboretum shall be credited in all printed and filmed materials with the following: “Images shot on location at Tyler Arboretum, Media, PA. One of the oldest arboreta in the U.S., Tyler encompasses 650 acres of renowned plant collections, champion trees, historic buildings, and 20 miles of hiking trails.”
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