Estate Giving

Through an estate gift to Tyler Arboretum, you give critical support to Tyler while at the same time giving yourself important financial benefits. Estate gifts include designating Tyler as a beneficiary in your will or your life insurance or retirement plan, establishing a charitable gift annuity, or giving other assets. These gifts help ensure Tyler’s vitality and sustainability for generations to come. We invite you to consider an estate gift to Tyler Arboretum. 

Planning: Gifts from your Estate

Thoughtfully planning your estate protects you and provides a secure future for those you care about. As you make or update your estate plans, we invite you to consider an estate gift to Tyler. Your estate gift supports Tyler’s mission in perpetuity, ensuring that we continue to connect people to nature, preserve our 650 acres of green space and inspire all to protect the environment.

Tyler Arboretum was founded through Laura Tyler’s bequest in 1944 after eight generations of one family had cared for this land.  Tyler’s Sequoia Society honors the foresight of each of you who choose to give an estate gift to Tyler. The Sequoia Society is our way to thank you for your generosity with special receptions and updates to share the impact of your gift. Please read the stories of a few of our Sequoia Society members.

If you have already included Tyler in your estate plans, please let us know so that we may include you as a Sequoia Society member with all of its benefits.  If you prefer that your gift remain anonymous, be assured that we will respect the confidential nature of your gift though your notification of us ensures that it will go to your intended purpose.

With questions or for more information about estate giving opportunities, please call: 

Mary Beth Jackson
Director of Development
Tyler Arboretum
610-566-9134, ext. 206

Estate Gift Opportunities for Tyler Arboretum

Bequest: Name Tyler in Your Will

Include Tyler in your will or trust for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or another type of provision to make a thoughtful gift to Tyler Arboretum and receive potential tax savings for your estate. If you prefer to restrict your gift to a particular program or area of the Arboretum, please let us know.

Life Insurance: Name Tyler as a Benficiary

Name Tyler Arboretum as beneficiary of all or a percentage of a fully paid life insurance policy you may no longer need and you may receive a charitable estate tax deduction for the portion you designate for charity.

Retirement Plan Assets: Name Tyler as a Beneficiary

Name Tyler Arboretum as a percentage beneficiary of your retirement plan assets and your estate will receive the appropriate charitable estate tax deduction.

Charitable Gift Annuity

To establish a charitable gift annuity, a donor makes a gift of cash or appreciated securities to Tyler. In exchange, the donor is eligible to receive a charitable income tax deduction and receives annual (or quarterly, or semiannual) payments for life. Payment amounts may be made to the donor or to another person and are based on the age of the person receiving the payments.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is established when cash or securities or another asset are transferred to a trust. The donor or another person receives payments from the trust for life or for a term of years (not exceeding 20). At the end of the lifetime or term of years, the trust terminates and the assets pass to charity.

Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust is established when cash or securities or another asset are transferred to a trust. The donor arranges for one or more charities to receive payments from the trust. At the end of the trust term, the assets pass to the donor or family members.

Savings Bonds

Gifts of savings bonds have tax consequences when transferred to individuals but may be bequeathed to charities with fewer tax ramifications. If you are thinking of making a bequest to Tyler and own savings bonds, considering funding your bequest with savings bonds.

Real Estate

Gifts of homes or real property offer benefits, too, depending on the donor’s situation. Real property gifts may include gifts of a primary residence or a vacation home. In some cases the donor may choose to remain in the home for his or her life after the home is deeded to Tyler and still be eligible to receive tax savings. Real estate gifts are subject to review by Tyler Arboretum.

Note: Please remember to consult your attorney or other advisor before making an estate gift. This information is for educational purposes only and not intended as legal or tax advice.

The Sequoia Society Name

The giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), an enduring symbol of Tyler Arboretum, was planted by Jacob and Minshall Painter in 1856. The most famous of the Painter trees, the Tyler sequoia is close to 100 feet high and over 12 feet around — thought by many to be the largest in the eastern United States. The inspiration for Tyler’s logo, it continues to thrive as a symbol of the creativity, foresight and reverence for nature that marks our history.

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