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fear of bees into fascination!

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I find it troubling when a child is uneasy in nature. But, believe it or not, I encounter that quite often here at Tyler. And most often the reason is… BEES.

It breaks my heart to see a child panic when a bee comes near. Their misconception of these important insects creates a VERY real fear. Perhaps you know someone who is scared of bees. It’s one of the most common phobias!

But there’s a way you can help. You can help turn a child’s fear of bees into fascination with a donation to Tyler’s Annual Fund.

With your assistance, we’ll create a new outreach program (with a portable observation beehive!) that helps children see bees up close – and safely – while they learn there’s nothing to fear. They’ll discover that bees are actually amazing creatures that need our help! And when you make your donation, you’ll make it possible for us to “get the show on the road” next school year.

Your support of Tyler and this new program reveals something wonderful about you. You are a BEE CHAMPION! A bee champion is someone who respects bees and defends them. And the more bee champions we can create through our outreach programs, the better!

Shockingly, one in four native bee species are at increasing risk of extinction… yes, extinction. And honeybees are in danger too! You know how important bees are. Without their pollination efforts, our food system would crumble. Now, more than ever, we need our children to help save the bees – not fear them. You can help turn the tide – from right where you are.

I’m so grateful for your willingness to take action for nature and your community. Please make a donation now to help turn a child’s fear of bees into fascination. Your Annual Fund gift will allow us to put a new bee program on the road to ease children’s fears and turn them into bee champions, like you!

Donate online now or call (610) 566-9134, ext. 209. Thank you so much for your loyal support of Tyler!

For the love of bees,



Rebecca Silvey
School and Community Programs Coordinator

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