Bringing Goats Back to Tyler!

For the past two years, we’ve brought a herd of lovable goats to Tyler to eat the weeds in our meadows.

In just over a week, you helped us raise over $9,000 to bring the goats back this year, wow! With your generous help, we reached our goal – scroll down for a shout-out to all of our $50+ donors.

We couldn’t have done it without you! Now that we’ve raised the money to bring them back, we must wait on Mother Nature to finish growing this year’s food in our meadows. Once that’s done (in a month or so) they will arrive. We’ll keep you posted on their arrival! In the meantime, the goats will be busily working on your thank you notes (it takes more time since they have to write with hooves) and other cool goat rewards.

Our goats were lovingly raised and live with their owners in Rhinebeck, NY. You’ve helped us hire them again for another “grazing gig” this season. Every dollar you gave brought them closer to Tyler, thank you! They will be here soon.

Every donation earned you an awesome reward, plus ALL the rewards listed above it!

  • $15 Get a thank you note from a goat!
  • $25 Receive a video of the goats saying thank you!
  • $50 Score a shout out on our website!
  • $75 Get a thank you photo from the goats!
  • $100 Score an invitation to our Goat Party! (more info below)
  • $250 Earn awesome goat swag – a stuffed goat plush, goat soap, and a goat t-shirt!
  • $500 Have your photograph taken with a goat!
  • $1,000 Join a goat for a walk around our Scenic Loop!

For donations of $100 or more, you scored an invitation for you and your family to join us for an exclusive donors-only Goat Party! Our Greet the Goats Get Together is on Saturday, June 23, from 10am to noon. You’ll have a blast watching a goat parade, naming the goats, eating goat-themed snacks, and taking memorable photos.  Thank you for bringing goats back to Tyler!

Wait… why goats?

Goats are sustainable meadow managers. They love to eat the invasive and woody plants we want to get rid of in our meadows, and that are difficult to control by other means: Poison Ivy, Mile-a-Minute, Multiflora Rose, and other pests of the plant world. With 650 acres to manage, we need help from experts! These goats work as full-time staff from late May to October.

Plus, goats are cute, cool, and quirky They have distinct personalities, are highly social, and love to climb, so they can go where machines and people can’t.


Lamanchi says “Thank you for bringing me and my friends back to Tyler!”

P.S. Check out this link for some Goat FAQs!

Special Thanks to Our Donors of $50+

Michele Legnini, Deborah Tyler, Barbara Norton & Dave Warner, Kathryn Ombam, Henry Frank, Diane Wilkins, Robert & Sandra Church, Jane Brydon, Shipley Allinson, Christine Furman, Cricket Brien, Sandy Lutz, Bob Kunz, Janice Conner, Janet Saunders, Pam Stephani & Dick Morelli, Don Helwig, Gunnar Miller, Virginia Thompson, Theresa Conway, Morris Potter, Linda Titanich, Jeffry Cadorette, Annmarie Burman, Berrie Torgan-Randall, Evan Frey, Bill & Gail Burk, Lauren Averill, Randy Braun, Rebecca Leggieri, Alyson Kurz, Jennifer Johnson, Vicky Will, Mary Byrne, Timothy Crowe, Gale & Dave Gammerdinger, Patty & John Colburn, Jamie McLane, John & Gail Turner, Joseph Volk, Ann Kanof, Sean McAndrews, Ciara Seal, Joyce DeYoung, Faith Balsama, Shivanee Raj, Sabine Cranmer, William Daly, Frank Gwynn, Annette Bushman, Dale & Cathy Weaver, George Edwards, Bonny Hodges, Carina Yervasi, Nate & Zack Guinan, Sandra Sullivan, Carolyn Stone, Richard Mason, Ashley MacCarthy, Julie Finnegan, Christine Broderick, John Mahoney, Ursula Siebeneich, Janet Dzubow, Valerie Teal, Catherine Vicente, Gregory Garvin, Bob Kunz, Robert Hendricks, Sue & Vance Downing, Joan Smallwood

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