Field Trips & School Programs

Give your students the gift of nature!
Help your students unplug, breathe fresh air and connect with the outdoors!

Field trips at Tyler Arboretum provide students with more than just a fun day out of the classroom; we create inclusive learning experiences where students make meaningful connections with the natural world. During your field trip, we will explore nature in a safe setting with the expertise and guidance of trained educators who will help you and your students understand various ecosystems, habitats, plants and animals.

Along the way, we will fine tune our science skills by using observation to investigate the world around us. Students will make connections and create their own hypotheses about what they observe outdoors at
Tyler and tie it back to what they are studying in the classroom.

Our field trips reach all types of learners and often impact those students who struggle with traditional learning and help them realize that they too can excel in various subjects.

Find all the details inside our School Programs Brochure!


Scholarship money is available for schools wishing to visit Tyler Arboretum on a field trip.

  • Scholarships cover up to $8 per student. You will be responsible for covering $1 per student.
  • Scholarships also cover the costs of buses.

To apply for a scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Application Form and submit it to Amy Mawby, Director of Public Programs.

Questions? Contact Amy Mawby at 610-566-9134 ext. 301. or at

Registration Details

To register for a field trip, contact Joanne Landau at 610-566-9134 ext. 303. or at

If you have questions about the content of our school field trips, please contact Rebecca Silvey at 610-566-9134 ext. 306. or at

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