Edible-Garden-web-headerTyler’s Edible Garden Project

Please join us in thanking the many generous donors, foundations, corporate supporters, and Tyler’s Board of Trustees for bringing this wonderful project from dream to reality. With expected completion in late summer to early fall, the Edible Garden provides seed to table learning about healthy eating, healthy living and sustaining healthy land. Designed at the residential scale, the garden showcases horticulture for the home gardener and connects us to our food at its source, and to the food web that supports all life on earth. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a range of photographs documenting the project’s progress to date.


Located at the site of the former vegetable garden, the Edible Garden will engage gardeners of all ages with an intensive vegetable garden, a children’s food garden for our youngest visitors and school groups, pollinator gardens, a rain garden to soak away storm water, a nature discovery play area, and a ruin garden inside the footprint of the White Cottage. (The White Cottage could not be saved for this project, due to extensive mold and decay.) We are considering a ground hog garden outside our vegetable production area, with the great hope this will distract them from the main menu inside the garden gate!


With new bounty from the Edible Garden, we look forward to donating our surplus produce to local food banks. Grant support from the Institute for Library and Museum Sciences, allowed Tyler to take healthy food gardening on the road. In spring of 2017, Tyler staff and volunteers built vegetable demonstration gardens at five Delaware County libraries. Working with Library volunteers, Tyler staff will provide on-site programming for our shared community. The Garden Classroom at the center of the Edible Garden offers great opportunities year round for a host of new garden education programs, camp activities, school groups, scouts and more. The heart of the building is a large multipurpose room with a kitchen, that opens to terraces on both sides, with two new bathrooms. Truly, a new center of learning for Tyler, and a great jumping off point to explore all of the Arboretum’s riches with easy access to our meadows, and woodlands.



As of mid-December, 2018, the new building’s external cladding heralded the final stage of construction.
Image by Mary Beth Jackson.


If you’d like a copy of the Edible Garden case statement document, click here.


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