Tyler Blogs

We are very happy to have several resources for additional information about Tyler. Of course, you can always visit our website, but for more in-depth looks at specific topics, we recommend you start following our blogs:

  • Journeys of Dr. G at Tyler follows Penn State professor and Tyler Board of Trustees member Dr. Laura Guertin in her experiences of different aspects of Tyler. From volunteering to work in the American Chestnut Nursery, Dr. G gives behind-the-scenes looks at the different operations of our arboretum. She also provides scientific backgrounds for much of the geology and ecology found here.
  • Tyler Tales is a blog curated by staff and volunteers interested in the vast history of Tyler Arboretum. There are many stories that still need to be told about Tyler, and this is the place to find them.
  • Vegetable Demonstration Garden at Tyler Arboretum is a blog created and maintained by Tyler Vegetable Gardener Gabrielle Leblanc, where she shares tips for success in your own home garden.
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