Tyler has several publications to help make your visit as pleasant as possible. Whether you want to plan ahead by looking at our Visitor Guide, want to catch up on what is happening at the Arboretum with our Tyler Topics newsletters and Program Guides, or you would like to see how we report financial information in our Annual Reports, you can find those resources and more here. 

Tyler Topics

Tyler Topics is a quarterly newsletter full of fascinating articles, information on upcoming events and programs, volunteer opportunities and more. Become a member and have Tyler Topics delivered to your front door.

Tyler Topics Newsletter – Fall 2019
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Summer 2019
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Spring 2019

Tyler Topics Newsletter – Winter 2018-2019
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Fall 2018
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Summer 2018
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Spring 2018

Tyler Topics Newsletter – Winter 2017
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Fall 2017
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Summer 2017
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Spring 2017

Tyler Topics Newsletter – Winter 2016-17
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Fall 2016
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Summer 2016
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Spring 2016

Tyler Topics Newsletter – Winter 2015/16
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Autumn 2015
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Summer 2015
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Spring 2015

Tyler Topics Newsletter – Winter 2014
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Fall 2014
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Summer 2014
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Spring 2014

Tyler Topics Newsletter – Winter, 2013
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Fall, 2013
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Summer, 2013
Tyler Topics Newsletter – Spring, 2013

Tyler Topics Newsletter – Winter, 2012-2013

Programs Catalogs

Beginning in Spring 2014, we started publishing PDF versions of our Programs catalogs online a month before the delivery of the newsletters, to give guests more time to register for upcoming classes and events.

Tyler Programs – Fall 2019
Tyler Programs – Summer 2019
Tyler Programs – Spring 2019

Tyler Programs – Winter 2018-2019
Tyler Programs – Fall 2018
Tyler Programs – Summer 2018
Tyler Programs – Spring 2018

Tyler Programs – Winter 2017
Tyler Programs – Autumn 2017
Tyler Programs – Summer 2017
Tyler Programs – Spring 2017

Tyler Programs – Winter 2016
Tyler Programs – Autumn 2016
Tyler Programs – Summer 2016
Tyler Programs – Spring 2016

Tyler Programs – Winter 2015/2016
Tyler Programs – Autumn 2015
Tyler Programs – Summer 2015
Tyler Programs – Spring 2015

Tyler Programs – Winter 2014
Tyler Programs – Fall 2014
Tyler Programs – Summer 2014
Tyler Programs – Spring 2014

Maps and Brochures

Take a look at our maps and brochures and familiarize yourself with Tyler; plan your day before you even get here! These are the same documents found in the Visitor Center.


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Annual Reports

Read on to learn how your membership, donations, and other support is helping to preserve Tyler’s precious gardens, natural lands, and to expand education and outreach to our shared community. Thank you! Combined Annual Reports for 2015 and 2016 coming soon.






Pink Hill Serpentine Barrens Restoration and Management Plan

The Pink Hill serpentine barrens is an extraordinary ecosystem with a history extending back into the deep past. It is home to an extraordinarily diverse group of plants and animals for such a small area of land, including several rare, threatened and endangered species. There is strong evidence that the barrens lost considerable ground in the latter half of the twentieth century, shrinking in area and declining in native species diversity with the waning of the disturbance regime that sustained it for centuries or thousands of years. In the past few years, considerable progress has been made to begin the process of ecological restoration, but much still needs to be done before Pink Hill will recoup its losses. With strategically targeted effort, this significant piece of the region’s natural heritage can be brought back to top condition and its key processes restored to insure its long-term sustainability.


Strategic Master Plan

The 2008 Strategic Master Plan focuses on a transformation of Tyler into a regional destination site through the enhancement of current exhibits and features and the development of new exhibits. We further recognize the need to create a unique combination of horticultural and ecological themes that will be linked to the Arboretum’s collections and exhibits. Our new vision focuses on creating programs and exhibits that utilize the Arboretum’s plants and ecosystems in order to assist our varied audiences to become better stewards of the earth. 





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