Tyler’s trails offer challenges for all fitness levels and multiple points of interest. Once you’ve hiked some of these trails, begin to combine them in different ways and have the very best personal hiking experience at Tyler. Each trail is clearly blazed with corresponding colors.

Middle Farm Trail (Yellow, Gate 3, 1.4 miles, approximately 45 minutes)
Shortest trail, Family-friendly, Expansive Meadows, Spring and Summer Flowers

With only one gentle hill and a short very simple loop, this is an excellent trail for families with young children. Welcome spring with the beautiful white blossoms of the many May blooming dogwoods and hunt butterflies among the summer wildflowers in open meadows. Benches along the trail provide relaxing spots for reading or enjoying the peace and solitude.

Rocky Run Trail (Blue, Gate 1, 1.9 miles, approximately 1 hour)
Gentle, Family-friendly, Cascades, Butterflies and Birds

Traveling along both sides of Rocky Run stream, this trail features a wide gentle path on the eastern side of its loop, making it a perfect choice for those looking for an easy nature walk or for families with young children. The wide, flat path on this portion of the trail is even conducive to all-terrain strollers. Two easy crossings traverse Rocky Run. On the western side of the stream the nature of the trail changes as it ascends halfway up the bordering hill and then begins its return journey via a narrow path midway across the hillside. Mostly in woodland, with a short journey through meadow, this trail also offers excellent birding and butterfly watching.

Pink Hill Trail (Pink, Gate 7, 1.6 miles, approximately 1 hour)
Moderate Hills, Rare Ecosystem, Chestnut Nursery, Bridge Stream Crossings, Quiet Meadow

Named for the native pink phlox wildflower that blooms in April, this hill and meadow is known ecologically as a serpentine barren. After exiting Gate 7 in the deer exclosure fence, hikers cross Painter Road. Here hikers can explore this unique ecosystem, cross Dismal Run stream via two bridges, view our Chestnut Nursery and enjoy hilltop views of the Arboretum and Pink Hill.

Dismal Run Trail (Orange, Gate 6, 2.0 miles, approximately 1 hour, 10 minutes)
Challenging Hills, Shady Stream Valley, Historic Ruins, Wildlife

Despite its daunting name, Dismal Run is a beautiful stream that runs through secluded woodland. This trail includes some steeper hills which provide a good workout and at the same time offer superb vistas across the broad, rocky stream valley. Broad swathes of spring mayapples bloom among the towering trees and the open woods offer a possibility to catch a glimpse of a deer or fox drawn to the water. The trail passes the intriguing ruins of a small 18th century stone cottage.

Painter Trail (Red, Gate 4, 2.2 miles, approximately 1 hour, 20 minutes)
Most Challenging, Stream Crossings, Great Views

Former known as the Red Trail, this trail is now named for the Painter brothers, who originally owned this land. Steep hills afford great views of the Arboretum and Rocky Run. Gentler terrain passes through woodlands and meadows and includes two easy stream crossings. Spring and summer wildflowers are plentiful and mushroom patches can be found in the woodlands.

Minshall Trail (White, Gate 2, 7.4 miles, approximately 4 hours)
Longest Trail, Most Secluded, Beautiful Historic Ruins

This trail runs through most of the Arboretum’s 650 acres, and is named after the family who originally purchased and settled the land in the late 1600s. Like the Pink Hill Trail, it crosses Painter Road and then travels through the area of South Farm where remains of the beautiful stone barn, constructed in the 1800s for the family’s dairy livestock, still stand. Originally referred to as the Wilderness Trail, this trail takes hikers to some less explored areas of the property, including the east side of Dismal Run and the parcel east of Barren Road. For those wishing for a somewhat shorter journey, the purple-blazed connector route is a short-cut that eliminates about 2 miles and an hour’s hiking time.

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