Goats Are Coming to Tyler!

Q: What has four legs, can go where machines and people can’t, and eats weeds?

A: Goats!


This summer, we’re bringing goats to Tyler to eat weeds in our meadows.

Will you help us?

Why goats?

Goats are sustainable meadow managers. They love to eat the invasive and woody plants we want to get rid of in our meadows, and that are difficult to control by other means: Poison Ivy, Mile-a-Minute, Multiflora Rose, and other pests of the plant world. With 650 acres to manage, we thought we would get help from experts! These goats work as full-time staff from late May to October, paid in the ‘weeds’ they eat. Goats are cool, cute, and quirky. They have distinct personalities, are highly social, and love to climb, so they can go where machines and people can’t. See them in three large paddocks along the Scenic Loop this summer, roaming and munching freely.

BUT, bringing goats to Tyler is expensive, so we need your help.

Your support for goats renews our Meadows!

It will cost $20,000 to bring goats to Tyler, from Green Goats Inc., located in Rhinebeck, NY. This is an investment in the stewardship of our beautiful landscapes, and in a sustainable plan for renewal of our meadows.

“Give 20” Coupon: Tuesday, July 12

When you eat at Iron Hill’s Media location and present a “Give 20” coupon on Tuesday, July 12, Iron Hill will donate 20% of your food bill (excluding alcoholic beverages, tip, and taxes) to Tyler Arboretum. This supports our plan to bring goats to Tyler from the end of May through until September to eat weeds in our meadows. Look for your “Give 20” coupon at Tyler’s Visitor Center, and in our next e-blast. Thanks to you and our friends at Iron Hill Brewery, Media for your support! Download your Give 20 coupon here, or click the image below!


Plus, goats are super fun and entertaining to see!

Help with your donation today, click here.

P.S. You’ll find a list of frequently asked questions about goats here.


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