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Evergreen Society LogoEvergreen Society monthly gifts supports the Annual Fund and guarantees Tyler regular and predictable funds, allowing us to make solid commitments to new and current projects. Since we know we can count on receiving your support every month, we are able to decrease the expenses of our fundraising and put more of our money into our programs. As a small token of our appreciation, we will send you a Tyler Arboretum car window decal.

No matter how much or how often it comes, we are always grateful for your loyal and generous support.

Richard A. Colbert

Executive Director



Tyler Arboretum’s brand new Evergreen Society (monthly giving program) is a great way to show your support all year long. And it’s an especially important part of Tyler’s work “to preserve, develop, and share our diverse horticultural, historic, and natural site resources in order to stimulate stewardship and an understanding of our living world.

Today, we invite you to become a Founding Evergreen Society Member. By pledging to make a gift every month, members of the Evergreen Society provide the steady, dependable resources that we need. Because monthly donations are processed automatically, they help reduce Tyler’s fundraising expenses, allowing us to devote an even greater percentage of your gift to fulfill our mission. Since Tyler does not receive local or state tax support, we rely on the generosity of donors like you to help with our everyday operational needs.

With the Evergreen Society, the amount you specify is charged to your credit or debit card, making this program the “greenest” way to donate. It eliminates the need for checks and reduces administrative and fundraising costs—so your donation goes further in supporting the environment!

 Why Join the Evergreen Society?

  • It’s convenient and efficient.
  • It’s 100% tax deductible.
  • Receive a summary in January of your donations for the previous calendar year.
  • Receive our quarterly newsletter, Tyler Topics.
  • Receive a special Tyler Arboretum car decal.


Over the course of a year, your tax-deductible monthly gift can really add up:

  • $10 a month can provide a set of five children’s garden gloves
  • $18 a month can provide a week of summer camp for a child
  • $25 a month can buy nectar and larval food source plants for the Butterfly House
  • $40 a month can buy supplies to reconstruct the pond deck
  • $50 a month can buy 12 waders for hands-on stream exploration

Join and plant a seed of opportunity as an Evergreen Society member


As an Evergreen Society member, you provide ongoing support with a regular monthly gift. It’s simple. Each month your contribution is transferred from your card to Tyler Arboretum. You can increase, decrease or suspend your gift amount at any time by calling us at 610-566-9134 x 267.

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