October: Halloween in Nature

For FEAR and FRIGHT on Halloween night you don’t have to venture far! Just take a walk at twilight!  From the silhouettes of trees to weeping webs of spiders, you can find a spook even in your backyard!

Spiders, Trees, and Gourds, OH MY!! 


Did you know that spiders are arachnids not insects? Arachnids are an animal family. The Arachnid family includes spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks. There are around 60,000 types of arachnids. They have eight legs and a hard exoskeleton. Their bodies are made up of two parts; the abdomen and the cephalothorax. Arachnids are usually predators and often eat other creatures.  This isn’t such a bad thing! They eat those pestilent mosquitos and flies in the summer!

Spider in web


You may be asking yourself, “How can trees be scary?”  Well, they aren’t necessarily that scary, but often times they can makecrickey-cracky” sounds when they blow in the wind.  Trees can also develop spooky faces from knobs in their trunks, swirled bark, and exposed roots. Check out some of the images below!


Gourds are a staple in any good Halloween celebration! Gourds are any vines of the family Cucurbitaceous that bears fruits with hard rinds.  Some fun facts about Gourds are that they are the longest cultivated crop in the history. 90% of gourds are made up of water.  It takes ten generations of cross-breading different gourds to get one with those weird warts all over them!




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