Insects, spiders and worms Oh My! These three animals have something in common – no backbones.  They are known as invertebrates. Invertebrates consist of insects, arachnids, annelids, along with crabs, octopus and snails. Invertebrates can have jointed feet, or no feet. A slug for example is a gastropod that literally means stomach foot.

The most common bugs you will find out Tyler are insects and spiders. You may find slugs and worms too!


  • Go on a bug hunt! Come to Tyler Arboretum and pick up a scavenger hunt.
  • Become a Butterfly House Volunteer and net butterflies (9 year olds and over)
  • Make Worms and Dirt – pudding, crushed Oreos and gummy worms!

Worms and Dirt



Tyler Exploration

June is a great time to search for bugs. When in the North Woods or outside the fence, make sure to look under logs and leaves, BUT you have to put things back exactly how you found them. How would you like a giant to pick up your house and place it 10 miles away! When visiting the Pond, you may find dragonflies, water striders and snails. Meander up to the Stopford Meadow Maze in search of butterflies, spiders and beetles. The Butterfly House opens in July, but you can still explore the house…or better yet, become a butterfly netter to help stock the house!

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