Did you know we all live in a watershed? A watershed is where your water will go when it drains from your area. Locally, Tyler Arboretum is in the Ridley Creek watershed. The water from our streams and ponds flow to Ridley Creek. Ridley Creek flows to the Delaware River, so we are in that watershed too. The Delaware River flows to the Atlantic Ocean so we are in that watershed too. Whew – a lot of watersheds!

We have two streams on our property, Rocky Run and Dismal Run, one pond and our newest feature – six percolation ponds around the Scenic Loop. They are all very important to plants and animals. You may find turtles and frogs, herons, dragonflies, raccoons, fish and snakes all visiting our ponds and streams at one time or another. These are their homes and where they get their water. We get it from a tap or water fountain, and they get it from the streams and ponds.

Some animals live their whole lives in the water, and some animals just live parts of their lives in the water.

Can you guess what these animals are?


  • Take a stream walk. Turn over rocks and logs to see what lives there. Ridley Creek State Park has many places that you can get into the stream. You may even find a clam or two.
  • Make a pond in a cup. Blue jello and frog gummies! How cute would this be with Swedish fish!

Pond in a cup



Tyler Exploration

  • Visit our pond in late July to search for our bull frog tadpoles. They usually hang out by the boardwalk and are pretty big. Some kids think they look like fish or eels.
  • The Butterfly House has a small pond in it – if you see a frog, it is most likely a green frog.
  • Explore Tyler’s Aquatic Learning Station (the old Thoreau’s Cabin) and visit each of our stations

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