Adopt a Tree

Tulip-Tree-WEBWalk around Tyler on a sunny day and your eyes will instinctually turn skyward towards the trees. Children light-heartedly laugh and run and the whole family can renew their sense of play and joy in the blooms and beauty of our special collections. You can support our trees by symbolically adopting one of our collections for the year!

Trees are not only pleasant sources of shade, but potentially a major resource in solving some of our most pressing environmental issues. Adopt a tree collection today to preserve Tyler for future generations.

Adopt the Totally Terrific Treehouses                                                         Gift: $1,000

Tyler’s Totally Terrific Treehouses celebrate trees and their vital role in our lives and our natural world. We have been fascinated by trees since the beginning of time. They provide us with food, shelter, beauty and inspiration. These one-of-a-kind exhibits, designed and built by architects and artisans from our region, inspire wonder and appreciation for our arboreal heritage. Enjoy discovering treehouses that are elegantly simple and fantastically elaborate.  Experience trees through Tyler’s Totally Terrific Treehouses; you will never look at trees the same way again!



Adopt the Native Woodland Walk                                                                 Gift: $500

With land development continuing at alarming rates, woodland remnants are increasingly valuable for their beauty, comforting sense of enclosure, and important role in our area’s ecological health. Tyler’s Native Woodland Walk includes distinct components of the woodland plant community: majestic canopy trees; graceful under-story trees; sheltering thickets of shrubs; and many different ferns, wildflowers and mosses making up the ground layer.  The seasons bring amazing changes to our woodland garden: exuberant spring wildflowers; soothing, green tapestries in summer; brilliant fall color; and stark, architectural beauty in winter.

We consider plants native if they were growing in the Mid-Atlantic region before the Europeans arrived. They have evolved over time to thrive here as part of a wider interdependent community of birds, insects, and animals.



Adopt the Lilac Collection                                                                                 Gift: $250

Our original lilac collection was planted in the early 1950’s with 84 plants, representing 63 lilac varieties. Today we add to the collection while maintaining Dr. Wister’s original plan for exhibiting only the best examples of lilacs for this region. Lilacs in pinks, blues, purples and whites line the walk to show their wide color range. Visit each spring to best experience their beautiful colors and intoxicating smell.


Adopt the Magnolia Collection                                                                              Gift: $100

We began planting the magnolia collection in 1951, with the help of the Hill and Hollow Garden Club. Prized for their broad range of flower types, colors and fragrances, the magnolia collection includes important Asiatic, native and hybrid varieties including the late-blooming “Little Girl Hybrid” series which was developed by the National Arboretum.



Adopt the Rhododendron Garden                                                                        Gift: $75

Tyler’s horticultural jewel is the Wister Rhododendron Garden. Growing pleasantly beneath the shade of second-growth tulip trees, oaks, ashes and maples, this collection is the culminating achievement of one of our country’s great rhododendron breeders, Dr. John Casper Wister.



 Adopt the Ornamental Cherry Collection                                                         Gift: $50

The ornamental cherry collection began with 45 plants in 1951.  These plants represent 23 species and varieties, most donated by the Scott Foundation of Swarthmore College. These splendid Yoshino cherry trees along Painter Road offer dramatic displays each spring.



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